House numbers from birth records #poland

tony hausner

My greatgrandparents had seven children born in Skala Podolskaya in Eastern Galicia between 1890 and 1902.  Here are the house numbers listed on the images on the birth records in the JRI-Poland database.
404, 302, 301, 302, 13, 14, 26. 
My greatgrandparents moved to Skala when they married in 1886 and I do not know where they lived between 1886 and 1920. However, I have a photo of the house they lived in1920.  It was a combination dry goods store and house.  It is possible that they lived in that house as of their marriage.. In any case, I wonder why the birth records each involve a different house. Would that be the house for the midwife.  
I can provide links to the images of the records if that helps.  
Tony Hausner
Silver Spring, MD