I was told that I am a descendant of Rabbi Schneur Zalman. Briefly my family tree is:
Rabbi Dovber Schneuri married Shayna Schneuri. They had a daughter Rivka Bella Wallis who married Yekutiel Zalman Wallis. They had a son Srul Mendel Zalmanson who married Gita Zalmanson. They had a son Levi Itzhak Zalmanson who I believe is my great grandfather.
My two questions:
1. From a genealogical or Rabbinic perspective does it make a difference that the lineage is not all male i.e. my connection to Schneur Zalman is through a daughter.
2. I have done an Ancestry DNA. If I wanted to repeat the DNA testing, bearing in mind the above information, which company and which test should I get.
Herman Salmenson