Seeking burial information #usa


Did you try online cemetery records such as Dead Fred or obituary notices in local newspapers in either country?  Can you check ship manifests leaving the US? 
Barbara Sloan
Conway, SC


I’d appreciate suggestions for locating the grave of my second great grandfather Salomon (Shlomo) Feuerman (also spelled Feierman and variations) and his son Herman.  Salomon Feuerman’s Hamburg passenger record – traveling with three children (Sara, my great grandmother, 9; Hermm, 7; and Rosa, 4) – gives a departure 28 May 1884 with arrival in NY 11 June 1884. (The NY record has the children's names as Sarah, Herman, and Rosa.) Salomon was listed as about 53, a workman (arbeiter) from Bohemia. Any trace of Salomon and Herman seems to end once they arrived.  Salomon’s two other children Adolph and Emma followed several years later.  According to my late father, Salomon and his wife Mari (Marjem, Miriam) Waldmann were buried in Brooklyn’s Washington Cemetery.  In fact, I now know Mari never emigrated.  I recently found Mari Waldmann in SubCarpathia Jewish Deaths.  She died 18 April 1899 in Zabrogy, Hungary – now Zabrid, Ukraine, just above Velikyi Bereznyi in Ung megye.  Salomon’s traveling entourage had last resided in Dubka, Hungary, a tiny settlement outside of Zabrogy.  Mari’s death record specifies “Widow. Husband was Salamon Feuerman; family lived in Zabrogy.” Another clue for Salomon may be the 1848 Hungarian census record for Abraham Feirman and wife Frimet Gluck with 8 children, including a Salamon (age matches my Salomon’s passenger record), all born in Zabrogy. I need Salomon’s matzeva to see if his father’s name was Abraham and to be assured of his mother and siblings. I’ve photographed graves for my great grandmother Sarah and her husband Sol (Simon) Blachman at Washington Cemetery as well as Sol’s parents and 2nd great grandparents on another line; for graves of Adolph Feuerman and sister Rosa (Abenstein) at Mt. Judah and sister Emma (Wagner) at Baron Hirsch on Staten Island.  In any case, I know Mt. Judah and Baron Hirsch were established after the period during which I suspect Salomon and Herman died.  Adolph named his eldest son Solomon (born 1902), I would presume for his father although Adolph’s father-in-law was also a Solomon (Wilensky), who last appears in the 1900 census and for whom I’ve found no further information.  Herman must have died by 1903, when Adolph’s son Herman was born. Emma also named a son Herman, born 1906.  I’ve traced Sarah and Sol to NYC when they married (1889), Brooklyn (1894), Bronx (1896), and Bayonne (1900) before they moved permanently to Brooklyn.  If Sarah and Sol took responsibility for the burial of her father and brother, Washington Cemetery still seems likely, but I’m told there is no record of them there. One of the people in the cemetery office has suggested that records when I imagine Salomon died (between 1884 and 1899) and Herman (between 1884 and 1903) “were poorly kept” and that perhaps I should walk around and inspect graves in and around Sarah’s grave to see if I can find the two graves.  I suppose it’s possible that Salomon returned with or without Herman to Hungary, but otherwise I would have to believe there must be a record of his death and burial in New York.  How might I go about looking further?  Lynda Mandlawitz