Searching for MALKIN family members who came to U.S. 1900 or before #belarus #usa

Beth Galleto


I am trying to find a family that I am told immigrated to the U.S. from Khotimsk, Belarus, in 1892 or 1900. The family may have had five children. I do not know any given names or ages.


The husband or wife was a sibling of Haim (also called Yefim) MALKIN (1900-1981). Haim was the son of Yankel or Yakovlev MALKIN and his wife Sara. Yankel married twice and had 14 children. I am told some of Haim’s brothers were Moisei, Mishaizhe, Michel and his sisters were Rosa, Rahil and Maryasha. I don’t know the other names.


I am also told that at some time the brother or sister managed to return to the Soviet Union for a visit. He/she was a doctor, a gynecologist.


I realize that if we are talking about a brother, the surname is probably still MALKIN, but if it was a sister, the name could be anything.


I am in contact with descendants of Haim Malkin’s family in Israel and Russia. I realize we do not have much information to go on, but maybe this will ring a bell for someone. It would be wonderful to be able to reconnect them with their family who came to America so long ago.


Thanks for any help you can provide.

Beth Galleto

Washington DC