Twins Samuel David and Marcus LEWIN #poland #israel

Carol Jean Weightman

I am looking for information on family members Samuel David Lewin and Markus Lewin. I have gathered what is available on Ancestry but wonder if Samuel David and Markus were known to list members.

I am also looking for descendants of Samuel David and Markus.

Twins Samuel David and Markus were born on 11 October 1911 in Sambor.

They were twin sons of Rabbi Aron Lewin of Sambor, Rohatyn and Rzeszow. Rabbi Aron was also a deputy of the Polish Sejm.

Samuel David and Markus entered the United States from Shanghai on 20 October 1941. The occupation for both was given at that time as Rabbi.

Samuel David died in Jerusalem on 1 March 1992. Before that, he may have become a Canadian national. It would be good to know when Samuel David came to Jerusalem and if he lived there with family members.

Markus may have died in New York in 1991. He may have become a US national.

It would be good to know if Samuel David and Markus had children.

I would welcome any information.

Best wishes
Carol Jean Weightman