History Books For Wysokie Mazowieckie, Poland #poland


Gary Schiff's book "In Search of Polin: Chasing Jewish Ghosts in Today's Poland" describes fairly recent visit to Ostrow-Mazowiecki, Tykocin, Ostrolenda, Lomza which pretty much surround Wysokie.  Polonsky's monumental 3 volume History of Jews in Poland and Russia has general info up to 2008.
Larry Kanner
Salem, Oregon


My mother’s family comes from Wysokie Mazowieckie as well. Jewishgen recently published a translation of the Yizkor book for this town which features a history, pictures and first hand accounts about the town. The book does not go past the Holocaust since that marks the end of a Jewish presence in the town. Some and perhaps all of the book’s contents are on jewishgen but it can be purchased here:


There is a local teacher (Karol Globocki) who heads a yearly clean up of the cemetery that still exists and is knowledgeable about the history as well. You may also find the Facebook group Suwalk-Lomza Independent Jewish Genealogy Research Group useful for your research. We are all researching the region and being able to “talk” with others with a common interest can be invaluable.

Good luck in your search!

Sharon Fleitman
Atlanta, Georgia


Check the NYPL - New York Public Library they have a lot of books (some scanned) about Poland and Polish Jewry.


Would anyone know of any books that have been published about the history of Wysokie Mazowieckie, Poland? I'm looking for a publication that encompasses the entire history of Wysokickie Mazowieckie through the present day that includes photos. It's part of my research that I'm doing on my mother's side of the family. 

Jerald A. Rothstein