(US-CA-LA) Exploring Jewish Roots of Star Trek #usa #announcements

Jan Meisels Allen

Costumes worn by DeForest as Dr McCoy, left and William Shatner are part of

The Skirball Exhibit (Mel Melcon Los Angeles Times)


Most of us remember the original Star Trek with William Shatner and Leonard Nimoy, both descendants of Ukrainian Jewish immigrants. The Los Angeles museum, Skirball Cultural Center, has an exhibit “Star Trek:Exploring New Worlds”. The exhibit is set to continue through February.


Nimoy played the ultralogical Spock, half human, half-Vulcan an alien caught between two worlds. He came up with the Vulcan salute from a boyhood memory of sitting in a synagogue and seeing the hand gesture used by the Kohaniim, as they blessed the congregation.


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Jan Meisels Allen

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