Bessarabia Revision Lists #bessarabia

Dr. Teodoro S. Kaufman

Dear Yefim,
I am puzzled about the 1910 revision lists. There is a whole KOFMAN family detailed in a 1910 list found in JG. They are the descendants of Lipe Kofman (the list spans over a whole century). However, as far as I know, the following members of this list were already in Argentina at that time: Nehama (wife of Shmuel), Elya (Elias), Shlema (Salomon), Lipa (Luis) and Chaya Malka. I wonder how was this possible. Thanks in advance for your consideration
Teodoro Kaufman

Yefim Kogan

Dear Teodoro,  thanks for your email.  Sometimes I am thinking that almost no one reads emails.  I hope this message will be helpful to everybody.

Teodoro,  you are correct, not all data on this 1910  list is right.  When we completed this set, we put an additional article about this set, explaining specific of that year list.

If you go to Introductory pages for Revision Lists - 

Click and get the whole Inventory of Revision lists...
Find in that table Kishinev  1910...  and on the right column you find a link to that article Alan wrote  "Kishinev1910FamilyList".
Please let me know if you cannot find that article.

We wrote articles about a number of Revision list sets.  They could help you to understand what is special there.

All the best,
Yefim Kogan
Bessarabia Group Leader and Coordinator