Looking for transcripts from nazi court in Radom/Krakow 1942 #poland #records

Alex Guri

Hi all,

My grandmother's brother was caught in May 1942 outside the ghetto without the wrist band and put on trial in a Nazi court in Radom/Krakow, Poland. I have some letters sent between his lawyer and my family.

Does anyone know whether transcripts of such court sessions were recorded and if they're available anywhere (online or offline)? Any idea where I might find them?

Many thanks,
Alex Guri

Daniella Alyagon

Radom court records are held by Radom archive. They can be searched here: 

Good luck,

Daniella Alyagon 

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Lewis, Megan

Hi Alex,

The United States Holocaust Memorial Museum has selected records from the Radom prison (RG-15.112) and the District Court in Radom 1942-1944 (RG-15.354.) Go to our Collections Search catalog https://collections.ushmm.org and search for the RG#s I listed.  Both collections have finding aids under supplementary materials in the right column.  Search the finding aids for your great-uncle's name.  If you find him you can send a copy request to reference@....  Please include the RG# and the file number in your request- it makes our job easier.  RG-15.354 also has a user declaration that needs to be completed and sent to us before we can send you the copies. Sending us the completed form when you make your request also makes our job easier.

If you want you can address your request to me.

Megan Lewis
United States Holocaust Memorial Museum.