Marriage license #hungary

Donna Kanlan

I have been unsuccessful in trying to locate a marriage license for my maternal great grandparents. The groom is Geza Haaz born Apr 1854, and the bride is Johanna/Janka Kohn or Kahn born approx 1867. Their first child was born 1883 in Vecseklo, Hungary so they were probably married 1881-1882. Prior to immigrating to the US it showed my ggf lived in Tomasi Hungary. Can anyone access the marriage licenses during that era? Thank you for any assistance.
Donna Kanlan

Janet Furba

Hi, ask the archive of the place.
Janet Furba,


Hi Donna,
   In the Dvorsak gazetteer of Hungary, looking for Vecseklo, it says to look in Fulek in Nograd megye. Looking in the FamilySearch catalog for Fulek, Jewish Records is film 642842 which is only viewable at a Family History Library. I searched this film and found the birth records for Zsani, born 18 Apr 1880 in "Wecseklo", Scharolta born 26 May 1881 in Vecseklo, and Gyula born 23 May 1884 in Vecseklo. All have your Geza Haaz and Johanna Kohn as parents. See the attached scans.
   In addition there is an Adolf Haasz/Hasz who has children near the same time. One on Sharolta's page and 3 on another page which I also attached. There are a couple more that might be related but I did not download those. Let me know if you want them too. 
  I searched the marriage records but neither of these couples was there.
  However there are a few clues that I will follow up on probably tomorrow.
Best wishes,
Larry Bassist