Please help with translation and identification #belarus #translation

Lea Haber Gedalia

Attached please find two pictures of LEVIATAN family from Ruzhany Belarus.
Please translate what is written on the back, and if you are, by chance familiar with the people and can identify them, It would be greatly appreciated.
All the Best
Lea Haber Gedalia, Israel


In Russian:


На добрую вечную память любимому брату. Ваша сестра Соня Дыся (возможно) Левитин.

Что нам до бурного света

Что до врагов и друзей

Было бы сердце согрето

Жаром взаимной любви.


(Не ясно) и вспоминаются наши отношения вместе.



Translated into English:


For the good eternal memory of your beloved brother.

Your sister Sonya Dysya (possibly) Levitin.

What to us before the stormy light

As for enemies and friends

The heart would be warmed

The heat of mutual love.


(Not clear) and remembering our relationship together.



In Russian:


На память дорогому брату и незнакомой сестре Левитин.

От вашей тети, сестер и брата Исай , Маня, тетя Лиза, Рива, Соня и Манины дети Раечка и (не ясно).

Около мамы сидит Рива и Фаня, нашей (не ясно) дочка. Соня стоит. Маня сидит около Исая и возле и возле нее Райка и Анька, ее дочки.

Здесь ваши родные Левитины.

Тула. 09/02/1934 года


Translated into English:


As a keepsake to dear brother and unfamiliar sister Levitin.

From your aunt and sisters and brother Isai (possibly), Manya, aunt Liza, Riva, Sonya and Manya’s children  Raechka and (not clear).

Riva and Fanya, our (not clear) daughter, are sitting next to my mother. Sonya is standing. Manya sits beside Isai and next to him her daughters Raya and Anya.

Here are your family Levitins.

Tula. 09/02/1934 years

Translated by Michael Ryabinky
Boynton Beach, FL