This Sunday: Sephardic Diplomatic Power #sephardic


Under Dutch rule in Brazil (1630-1654), the local and Amsterdam Sephardic
communities tried to convince Dutch authorities to intervene and protect
their interests. When asking for help, they emphasised their value as
international merchants, as well as other areas in which Jews contributed to
the Dutch colony. Hans Wallage will discuss some of these arguments and will
provide new insights into how Jews valued their own contributions in the
Dutch colonies.

Hans Wallage is a young historian specialising in Jewish Migration History.
Since February 2019, Hans has been affiliated with the University of
Amsterdam as a PhD candidate. He works within the VICI Project: 'The
Invention of the Refugee in Early Modern Europe'. In his dissertation, he
examines the organisation and forms of Jewish charity in the Dutch Republic
during various early modern Jewish refugee crises. In his studies, he has
mainly focused on Jewish history, transnationalism within Jewish societies
and Jewish migration patterns. Hans also studied at the Hebrew University of
Jerusalem and worked as a student assistant at the University of Manchester.

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