Any users of Mac Family Tree here? #general

JB Haber

Are there any users here who use MacFamily Tree software? I'd like to make a break from Facebook, but that site has a rather vibrant group for that software which might be hard to replicate.
Jonathan Haber
Researching Haber, Raker, Mandel, Davis, Cohen, Lunche, Shapiro, Fostoff.
Researching Galicia, Pomorzany.

Mark Lucas

Yes. I use it. I'm not signed up for Facebook (not a fan) so can't check out that user group.
I am relatively new to JewishGen - first post in fact.
What were you wanting to do?

Mark Lucas

michele shari

I use MacFamily Tree 9 (upgraded a while ago from 8). I am not on their FB group and if I need help their customer service is excellent. 
Michele Farkas
Boynton Beach, FL

researching Farkas in Transylvania/Hungary (Carei, Tasnad, Cluj, Kisvarda, Margitta, Satumare), Weiszhauz/Weisshaus (Vamospercs), Rosenfeld (Vamospercs), Isak/Izsak, Taussig/Tauszik, Schein, Pollak (married Farkas), Jakab (married Farkas)

Researching Stauber/Stober/Shtauber (Viseu and surrounding towns, Maramures, Romania), Deutsch, Malek/Malec, Fischman, Genud/Genuth, Apter, Herstik/Hershtik/Herstig, Teszler/Tessler, Davidovici, Ganz/Gancz, Paszternak, Feig, Pollak, Jakab

Researching Kaufman, Horowitz, Hurwitz/Gurevitz, Potashnik/Potasnik/Perlman, Perlmutter/Perelmutter, Lipsky, Leykin/Leikin, from Gomel, Minsk/Russia, Rosen and Resnick from Russia


Hello Jonathan:

I have used MacFamilyTree for several years and recommend it. We all have our way of doing research, and this is what works for me. I I do most of my research on Ancestry, but use other sites as well. I manage several trees and build them on Ancestry. Then I create a GEDCOM file and import each tree into MacFamilyTree. The latter has many more options, than Ancestry, for presenting, organizing, displaying, printing, and publishing trees. For printing the tree, I created a high resolution file on MacFamilyTree, and downloaded the file to a flash drive. Then I went to Staples with the flash drive, and had them print a large size of the tree on card stock. The person I worked with attached the sheet to foam board, and sealed a protective plastic layer on top--all for about $30.00. I attached the finished product to the wall using 3M Command Strips. It looks great, and the cost was so much less than going to a frame store for mounting, matting, and framing with glass and wood. Two other things to know about MacFamilyTree: it's integrated with FamilySearch, so you can do research in the app, and the app offers free hosting of a family tree Web site. I don't use FB, so I can't comment on the user group.

Good luck.

Mike Levy

Larry Rose

I've been using MacFamily Tree for several years. I definitely recommend it.
Larry Rose
Manitou Springs, Colorado

Interested in genetic genealogy, and investigating ROSENSTEIN (Ukraine), OZERANSKY (Ukraine), EISENBERG (Lithuania), BUZHYN (Lithuania), KLEIN (Romania), HOLD (Romania), YUNGER (Romania), and RUB (Romania)