Info on family of Fanny SCHWAB possibly of Hanau? #germany #general

Melody Schloss

I would like to connect with anyone who might possibly have information on or suggestion for finding information on my husband's 
SCHWAB line from Hanau or Frankfurt on Main area in the late 1700s and early 1800s.
His 3greatgrandparents were:
Fanny SCHWAB and Naftali Herz SCHWARZSCHILD married on 26 Oct 1836 in Hanau Hessen Germany.  
Their marriage record does not list either of her parents.  They had one child, Moritz, born 6 Jan 1837 in Rückingen Hesse.  
Fanny's death record reads:  In Frankfurt am Main L G No. 81 in the Scheurgasse died Tuesday, July 15, 1845 at 11:15 PM, according to a certificate from Dr. Schwarzschild, Fanny Schwarzschild nee Schwab, 32-year-old wife of the Jewish merchant Herz Schwarzschild of Rückingen in Kurhessen
I have been unable to locate her grave.  Her husband married again and is buried in the Jewish cemetery in Hanau.
I found a listing in Kelly's Directory of Merchants Manufacturers and Shippers of a MH Schwab & Schwarzschild, Liebfranenberg 29.
Apparently they were wholesalers in clothing materials and their building was called 'Braunfels'.  Wondering if this is the same Schwab and Schwarzschild? 
I have looked at the records for Hanau on Arkinsys and found SCHWABs but could not make any connection to Fanny.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Melody Schloss
Santa Barbara CA

Karen Franklin


Reuven Mohr

when looking at Hanau Schwab records, make sure to include in possible matches variations of Fanny, like
Frommet, Fradele, Feile, Veile, Veronica, Feigle, Feigele, Voegele, Vogel and so on. 
Names were used in large variations at this time - without considering them as different names.

good luck,
Reuven Mohr