Kittsee (Kopcseny) circa-1800 records? #hungary


Hi all,

I have a G3gf David WEISZ born in Kittsee (Kopcseny in Hungarian) who later records indicate was born in 1797, and his sister-in-law (another g3gm) Rosa StERN (née VEISZ) born in Kittsee in 1793. I am trying to learn if they were siblings (and if their respective children married a first cousin).
Are there birth records anywhere from the 1790s or an early-19th century census that may shed light?

I’m also looking for photos of tombstones in the Kittsee Jewish cemetery in search of David’s father Isak/Zekl who is said to be buried there with his wife Gela, or any other reference to him. I have read that photos exist. Does anyone know where they are?

David Dubin
Teaneck New Jersey