Boston,MA Wyner Family Center for Jewish Heritage "At Home in the World: American Jewish Women Abroad, 1865-1940 #usa #announcements

Jan Meisels Allen



The Wyner Family Jewish Heritage Center at the New England Historic Genealogical Society is holding a free webinar on October 26 at 6:00PM Eastern Time, At Home in the World: American Jewish Women Abroad, 1865-1940.  Registration is required at:




Presented by: Dr. Melissa R. Klapper


Join the Wyner Family Jewish Heritage Center (JHC) and Dr. Melissa R. Klapper for this exploration of the lives and travel experiences of American Jewish women in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. Interweaving stories about women represented in the JHC’s own archives, Dr. Klapper will discuss how at a time of prescribed roles for women, American Jewish women discovered independence and self-actualization as they traveled around the world.


Melissa R. Klapper is Professor of History and Director of Women's & Gender Studies at Rowan University. She is the author of Jewish Girls Coming of Age in America, 1860-1920 (NYU Press, 2005); Small Strangers: The Experiences of Immigrant Children in the United States, 1880-1925 (Ivan R. Dee, 2007); and Ballots, Babies, and Banners of Peace: American Jewish Women's Activism, 1890-1940 (NYU Press, 2013), which won the National Jewish Book Award in Women's Studies. Her most recent book is Ballet Class: An American History (Oxford University Press, 2020).



Jan Meisels Allen

Chairperson, IAJGS Public Records Access Monitoring Committee