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joseph just

Is it possible to get an ancestor's passport or passport application from Romanian archives?

Sarah Just

michele shari

I have my grandmother’s and grandfather’s original Romanian passports. One was from Viseu de Jos and the other from Carei. They were not issued locally and would probably not be in the local archives so you would need to first figure out where they would have been issued. I will tell you they have great information such as their actual address, their father’s name ( which I already knew) and their pictures. It is a precious piece of history. Since I have the original it is stamped with exactly where they left from and the dates. The archive wouldn’t have that as it is after the fact. 

please let us know if you are successful in getting the copies. 


Michele Farkas
Boynton Beach, FL
researching Stauber, Stober, Shtauber, Ganz, Gans, Herstik, Hershtik, Teszler, Tessler, Malik, Malik, Davidovici (all from Viseu, Also Visso), Weiszhausz, Weiszhausz, Rosenfeld (Vamospercs, Hungary)