Unusual Source of Kielce Records Now Available #poland


JRI-Poland is proud to announce the full extraction of the unique attachments to the 1918-1935 deaths and 1935 births housed in the Kielce Branch of the Polish State Archives. These loose pieces of paper were assigned the akt number corresponding to the birth and death registrations in the Kielce metric books and contain backup information substantiating the details in the official records.


Death Attachments (DA)


Death attachments include the death certificate and a hand-written testimony. Unlike the vast majority of pre-1916 death records in Poland, these documents state the cause of death determined by the acting physician as well as date, time and place (or Kielce address) of death, age of the deceased, religion, and marital status; the testimony also includes the parents’ names, town of permanent residence, occupation and surviving spouse.


Death certificate from 1929


Corresponding hand-written testimony

Birth Attachments (BA)


While the birth attachments available are only from 1935, 87% of the births occurred in prior years. These documents include hand-written testimony and parental evidence. While not official birth records, these hand-written testimonies signed by the Kielce Rabbi provide date, Kielce address or town of birth; parents’ names, ages and legitimacy of their marriage; akt number, town and often date of parents’ marriage; legitimacy of the child’s birth (contingent on civil marriage of parents); the father’s profession and town of permanent residence; and witnesses. In addition to this birth testimony, there is also the marriage certificate of parents who were civilly married or the birth certificate or birth affidavit of the father if the parents had not registered their marriage civilly.


1935 birth testimony of Kiwa MACHTYNGIER born in 1926 


Yad Vashem testimony for Kiwa MACHTYNGIER who died in Treblinka


This birth attachment from 1935 testifies the birth on 2-Jan-1926 of Chaim MACHTYNGIER who was lost in the Shoah. His Aunt submitted testimony to Yad Vashem stating 1925 as his date of birth. These birth attachment extracts give researchers the opportunity to correct Pages of Testimony with primary source information.


In short, there is a wealth of genealogical data not typically seen in the “standard” death and birth records…a new great resource for Kielce researchers. Please contact me for a list of surnames.


This project was expedited by the outstanding and relentless extraction efforts of JRI-Poland volunteers who persevered in deciphering unusually challenging handwriting. Thanks again to Ruth Diamond, Ari Schifman, Sally Bruckheimer, Sue Fifer and Marlene Walker.


Judy Golan

JRI-Poland Kielce Town Leader

JRI-Poland Kielce Area Coordinator