Possible descendancy from Reb. Chaim of Volozhin #rabbinic


Sarah Drucker was great-granddaughter of Reb. Chaim Volozhiner, see this family tree:

Asaf Feig

Alison Drucker

Sorry for belated response.  Like you, I am interested in rabbinic descent from Reb Chaim and I would appreciate any info you can share.  My email is Alison.drucker18@....
     I kept my maiden name when I married.  My paternal grandfather was Harry Drucker, supposedly from Chernobyl near Kiev, and everyone says he came from a rabbinic line.  So i have been looking for other rabbis with that surname.  I found a newspaper article from Pittsburgh PA about a Sol Drucker, who was described as "the son of Rabbi Lazarus Drucker and Sarah Drucker, a direct lineal descendant of Reb. Chaim Volozhiner, the founder of the Volozhiner Yeshivah."   
    Anything about tracing the family tree of Reb Chaim of Volozhin would be of interest to me.
Thanks so much, be well,  and best of luck!
Alison Drucker
Also, from a Nov. 2 message on JewishGen, I know of a woman Naomi who also is interested in this subject.  Her email is nbloch2@...

Yonatan Ben-Ari

A deceased greatuncle of mine wrote a note stating that his maternal
grandmother was a descendant of Reb Chaim of Volozhin. I've checked
several published trees and have not found any mention of her. There
are family lore that we may be connected through R' Chaim's son
(Itzaleh)'s daughter who married a LANDAU. According to published
biographies, the LANDAU couple died relatively young during Itzaleh'
lifetime . Again according to family lore, Itzaleh took our
ancestress to her marriage canopy as her parents had died.

My (above) great great grandmother was Sarah Hinde (Schatz?) who
married Shlomo KANTOR of Pinsk. When Shlomo passed away suddenly, she
made aliya to Jerusalem with their 4 orphaned children. The son, Chaim
Dov, became well-known as the Mashgiach of the Yekev (wineery) in
Zichron Yacov. My great grandmother married Yacov Gedalia SCHECHTER of

I would be happy to hear from anyone knowledgeable as to Reb. Chaim's
tree if they could confirm the above.

From what I have learned, another sister of Chaim Dov married
ROSTOWSKI, who seems to have been a descendant of Reb. Chaim's
brother, Shlomo Zalman. Its possible that my greatuncle was confused
by the fact that his mother's sister's husband was connected to the
Volozhin family.


Yoni Ben-Ari, Jerusalem