Naftali from Sveksna #lithuania


Tomorrow is Naftali's 97 birthday. Naftalai is one of the 6 people from Sveskna, Lithuania that suvived the Holocaust. He now lives inSydney Australia with his wife Hana.She comes from a Shtetl near Svevksna ; but her family went to Australia before the Holocaust. Ihave ben corcspomnding with them for quite a few yeas and feel asif they are may family.Perhaps? I am so interested in Sveksna and wrote about it and organized a website for the Sveksna that was, for my Grandfather -Zacharia Marcus came from there.
Esther (Herschman)Rechtshafner,
Kibburz Ein-Zurim,

Esta Kawaoka

Wonderful! ¬†Happy, happy birthday Naftaliūüéā

My family is from Sveksna.  Surnames…Eckowitz, Itzkovitz, Itzikowitz, Leon.
Joseph Itzikowitz, a Rabbi, and his wife were killed in the Holocaust.  His 5 children escaped to France.  His youngest son, Eliyah, went back to look for their parents and was also killed.  I found this out recently.  I cried for them.    Esta Kawaoka