Looking for descendants of Ernest Jacobs Romania/ Hungary/UK #hungary #romania


Some records from Mándok can be found in Chop books, I believe. These books are  in the state archive of Uzhgorod (Ungvár). 
Béla Huber from Ungvár can help you with research related to Ungvár area. 

His email huberbelay@...

Good luck, 

Mark Friedman

Debbie Brown

Hi Siggers. My mother was born 1919 in Mandok, Hungary, to Mendel and Bertha Jakobovits. I believe she had a first cousin, Ernest Jacobs, living in the UK in 1961. I’m hoping to find his decendents. Ernest’s father could be the son of, one of these three brothers, of Mendel. They were all born in Repedea Romania, between 1881/1893.
The last name at that time was spelled Jacobovits. The brothers are , Hersh, Mojse,
and Marko. These birth records are the only records of these men that I have found, other than Mendels marriage record. These birth records, are in the Romanian Archive.

Of course I would love to know anything more about all of them and other descendents, but I doubt any of them survived the Holocaust.
I would appreciate any help and guidance.

Debbie Klein Brown

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