Help with Hebrew name pronounced CRAY-nee #names

Marc Zehngut


I am trying to find out the spelling of my recently deceased mother’s Hebrew name. As far back as I can remember she has pronounced it as CRAY-nee.  Attached to this message is a very brief audio clip of her saying her Hebrew name. Her given name was Clara. Does anyone have any thoughts about how her Hebrew name would be spelled?  Unfortunately I don't have any documents with her Hebrew name written.

Thank you for any information.
Marc Zehngut

Helen Kon

Hi. It sounds like קריינה (Krānuh - phonetically)to me. This is a Yiddish name that means crown. Were it Hebrew, it would be  עטרה (Atara).

Helen Kon
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You might want to try Kraina.
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Also try Kreine or Kreina
Charles Joseph

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Jill Whitehead

My great grandfather had a sister called Creine.

Jill Whitehead, Surrey, UK


A relative of my was called Krayndla, that sounds a diminutive of Krayna

Angel Kosfiszer

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Yitschok Margareten

It's actually a Yiddish name, so the spelling would be קריינא with an Alef at the end. 

Yitschok Margareten


I am sorry for your loss.

In the recording, your mother said both "Kraynee" and "Krayndel", followed by "whichever one you want".   Krayndel would be the diminutive of Kraynne".

Have you seen this page?  

the page shows the spelling of the name using Hebrew script (and of the nickname, too, here:

As someone else wrote, a Hebrew equivalent would be Atarah, which is a beautiful name.
Fredel Fruhman
Brooklyn, New York, USA


The name Krayndel (or Kraynee) is NOT a Hebrew name, but a Yiddish name.
The Hebrew name is Atara, which means, tiara.

Dr. Yael Joanna Zimmerman 

Marc Zehngut

Thank you everyone for your emails and replies, which have all been very kind and informative.


The reply from Fredel Fruhman referred to the web page and its related web page  I think the spelling קריינע is the best match for my mother’s name.  In the audio clip I provided she also says the diminutive form קריינדל.  I have found census records that show her parents (my grandparents) were both born in Russia, and both spoke Yiddish.  On the internet I have found several gravestones with the name קריינע, some of which are Russian or for a person named Clara.


The name is Yiddish, as others have pointed out, and I apologize for asking about a Hebrew name when her name is in fact a Yiddish name.


Although I think the spelling קריינע is the best match, I am a bit uncertain about whether the final letter should be ה ,ע or א.   


I asked about Clara’s name because it is to be inscribed on a footstone for her grave in the Mount Lebanon cemetery, Queens, New York.  If anyone has any further thoughts, I am continuing to watch this discussion.  Again, thank you all for your thoughtfulness.


Marc Zehngut