Looking for Thelma Graber #usa #general


Attached partial chart from Geni, showing most of the people pertaining to my request.

In the past, I searched this forum for the traces of Eliyahoo Graber, my grandmother's brother, Chaya Liba Ginzburg, and her sister, Reina Podvielski. Eliyahoo (or Elle - the name which family used to call him). Eliyahoo was born with the surname Polka but apparently adopted the surname of his mother's youth while shortening to a catchy English name), immigrated to the United States at the beginning of the last century. To be honest I made very little progress with the information I received.

I recently find that Elle has a daughter named Thelma. It is not clear to me if she is married and if she has children. I do have information that he visited Israel in the middle of the last century.

Thanks for helping me.

Joseph Godelnik