Records from the Nablus/Shkhem Jewish institutions 1850–1890 #records



The Central Zionist Archives in Jerusalem have many collections and documents regarding various Jewish settlements and communities in 1800s and early 1900s Palestine. That might be a good place to start.

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Dan Efrat
Cherry Hill, NJ, USA (originally from Israel)

Researching: Israelit (Novogrudok, Belarus and Riga area in Latvia), Rabinowitz (Dyatlovo, Belarus), Pruss (Ukraine/Israel) and Koifman (Ukraine)


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I am writing to ask for indications that may lead to the records of the 1800s Jewish institutions in Shechem. If these records exist, would you know if/how they may be accessible?

I am looking for records that may mention my family members (especially birth records bar/bat mitzvah's, etc.). I am looking to find documents from my family members, specifically, my great-great grandmother who came from Schechem to Colombia. I am looking for vital records that mention her. I can provide more information if this is helpful. I believe that her family may have now settled in Acre, Tiberias, and/or Safed.

My hypothesis is that my great-great grandmother is the daughter of Salah Azari, see ID 3979 and ID 3881 in the Montefiore Censuses. I want to prove or disprove this (but most, importantly, to find sources that mention my great-great grandmother):

Please see the institutions I am looking for in the Montefiore Censuses link below, which can give you a clue of what I need:


I would be most grateful, in case you know who could help me with my enquiry.

Thank you for your time.

Manuel Macía