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Linda W.

I have an old interview with a relative who says she is from Tacheshef not far from Sandemish from the period 1893-1907. she also mentions Tzemceh    I cannot seem to find these towns in the Town finder.  Do you recognize these towns?    Which archive in Poland would have this towns records? 
Many thanks 
Linda Weinstein

Jean-Pierre Stroweis

These names are quite distorted.
My guess is that "Tacheshef not far from Sandemish" could be Staszów, not far from Sandomierz. If so, you'll find plenty of records to search.

Jean-Pierre Stroweis
JRI-Poland Staszow town leader

Hap Ponedel

Perhaps you would take a look at this map at my website that shows Sandomierz and Staszow in the view chosen.
The map can be moved around using left mouse. I believe that Sandomierz is correct for "Sandemish" but Tzemceh is up for grabs yet. Find Sandomierz at the upper right and Staszow at lower left.
I will keep looking for a good match to Tzemceh.

Hap Ponedel