Recommendations for Manchester, England research #belarus #unitedkingdom

loren greenberg

I would appreciate suggestions for researching the following family.
We are looking for information about the name of her town in Europe and
family that remained in Europe.

Sara Dvora Shelansky
Father: Yisroel / Itsik
Born: about 1882 Poland/ Belarus/Russia
Went to Manchester, England.
Married: 1906 Abraham Rabinowitz/ Rayburn (died 1917)
Died: 1970 Manchester, England

We have checked, Family Search and Ancestry.

Thank you,
Loren Greenberg

ABELOW - Meretz, Lithuania and Vasikishki, Belarus
GOLUB - Vasilishki, Belarus
VOLPIANSKY - Balbieriskis and Kaunas, Lithuania
AGAZIM, SHAFIR, MELAMED, VINOGRAD - StaroKonstantinov and Kuzmin, Ukraine
MILNER, MILLER - Smiltene, Latvia


Have you looked on ?
Their phone number is +44161 834 9879. They may be able to help.
I'm assuming you've checked the 1911 census on one of the websites you mentioned that may 
give you some clues.

Hope that helps.    

Shoshanah Glickman
Gateshead, UK

Michael Sharp

I'm afraid the Manchester Jewish Museum may not help with genealogical research

The 1891, 1901 and 1911 censuses may give some info on family origin - try Ancestry or FindMyPast.

The 1921 census is not public domain yet, although the 1939 register (a mini-census) is

Try the Discovery search engine at the UK National Archives to see if they hold her father's naturalisation papers (if he applied for British citizenship). If he did you can ask for a quotation for a copy of the full file. Often that will give information on his birth place in Poland/Russia.

Try jri-poland (part of JewishGen) - if you find her parent's listed there, it will give details of where they lived, access to the images and may lead you to ancestors' names
Michael Sharp
Manchester UK

Michael Hoffman

Michael Sharp,

JRI-Poland is not part of Jewishgen, it is an independent organisation that is "Hosted" by Jewishgen.

Michael Hoffman.


Gerald and Margaret

As you think your relative may have been born in Belarus, I suggest you contact a charity called The Together Plan, based in London and Belarus, which tries to help Jews still living in Belarus  to become self sufficient.  
One of their projects is genealogy.  They have the huge advantage of speaking the relevant languages, as well as the ability to navigate through the local bureaucracies.  

Good hunting,

Margaret Levin , N London UK


Maybe you could ask at RAYBURN TRADING (Mancheter)
Marcelo Rosenbaum
researching KAHN (Altenstadt/Illereichen) / ROSENBAUM (Wonfurt/Nuernberg) / VANDEWART (Lendershausen) / WILHERMSDOERFER (Ansbach/Gunzenhausen)