Lithuanian Archive (LVIA) Time Frame for Response Information Needed #lithuania


I am wondering if someone has had recent 2021 dealings with the LVIA and how long it took for information from the archive.  I submitted a request for research to find one record, if it exists.  The archive then requested 22.66 Euros from me, which I sent mid October.  I could not determine if that amount was for research or a copy of the record, and 2 emails requesting clarification have not been answered.  So, I wait, but I am not sure what I am waiting for and I don't know how long this is going to take.  So, any current status report on your requests would be appreciated.

Marlise Gross
Cherry Hill, NJ

Carol Hoffman

Patience. Y
You will receive the document. The archivists in Lithuania are very busy and doing their best to reply in a timely fashion.
The money sent was for research and a copy of the record.
Carol Hoffman, PhD
LitvakSIG President

David Ellis

In 2013, long before COVID, response time was measured in months.  I was more than satisfied with the results, identifying thirteen direct ancestors in Vilnius previously unknown to me.  Now, with closures and other restrictions, we can all expect things to take longer. 

This year, I sent payment for research in Belarus more than six months ago, and it's been taking much longer than originally anticipated, for very understandable and justifiable reasons.  The research staff is working very hard with extremely limited hours of archive availability.  I'm sure they'll do a thorough job for their clients in both countries.

David Ellis
Natick, MA