Question about the origin of my last name and familiy #hungary


Hello, my name is Ehud Hamli. I am interested in finding out what the origin of my last name is. My father grew up in Romania originally from Petroshani but was Hungarian, his father was from the place, and his mother from Yugoslavia from Subotica.
I know that Hemli is a Hungarian name and can also be registered as Hemley 'or as Hamly.
From what I have seen there is a record of at least 6 generations back with this last name.
I was interested to know the origin of the last name and last name.
In our family there are versions that the family originates from Germany and others that the origin is from Portuguese martyrs but no one exactly knows.
This name is not common and it is one family.
I would be very happy if you could help me in this matter

Best Regards
Ehud Hemli


The "i" or "y" ending in Hungarian usually indicates 'from'.  I thus read your name as from Heml.

It is most likely that when your male ancestor was required to take a surname, he or his father had come from a place called Heml.

This could be Hamel in Germany (as in the Pied Piper of Hamlin) or some place in Portugal or elsewhere, as it would not be clear whether the ancestor used the Hungarian version of the place name or the original version of the place name.   

Tom Beer
Melbourne Australia


If you think you have the Sephardi ancestry a good place to start would be to do a DNA test with MyHeritage to see if this comes up in your ancestry. There’s not 100% guarantee that it will show up, even if you have Sephardi Ancestry, but it’s worth a try.
Stephen Schmideg
Melbourne, Australia