Nunes da Costa - Possible Sephardim? #sephardic

Marcelo Nunes <marcelonac@...>

Hello everyone,

I've been struggling to find evidence of my sephardic roots. From all the data that I could collect in Brazil, "João Nunes da Costa" is the missing link. He supposedly was born in Galicia circa 1730 and married to a brazilian woman when immigrated to Brazil. I know many sephardic families from those times used as surnames Nunes da Costa but I simply can't find the connection between João Nunes da Costa and the rest of the family upwards. Does anyone has a tip or know of a database that could be useful for me?

Many thanks!

Marcelo Nunes 



There are two places with the name Galicia. One is in Poland and the other is in Spain. It's not clear which of these your ancestor came from.

Henry Best,
London, UK.

David Mendoza

Nunes da Costa is a Portuguese name, also used by Sephardim. The statistical probability is that the family was not Jewish. Don't know about Galicia, but there were certainly New Christians from northern Portugal in Brazil around that time.

You don't say where he was in Brazil. Presumably you have checked the Portuguese Inquisition archives. It may be worth looking at the Amsterdam notarial archives. USP is the centre of Sephardic studies in Brazil. Ask the question in The Sephardic Diaspora group on Facebook, which is where Sephardic genealogists gather.

Best wishes,

David Mendoza