Beis Din Directors from the U.S. Call for Stricter Jewish Genealogy Checks #usa #announcements #rabbinic

Jan Meisels Allen



Directors of three Beis Dins in the United States are calling for stricter genealogy (Birur Yahadus) background checks following the news of a newlywed man being suspected of being Muslim.


As reported, a Rabbi officiated a wedding without properly researching the genealogy (“Birur Yahadus”), and afterwards a suspicion arose that the Groom might not be Jewish, and pictures of the wedding have been published which caused some to condemn a Chabad Shliach who relied on the officiating Rabbi thinking he did proper research – A conference call took place to discuss the situation and decide how to prevent such occurrences from happening.


Participating in this conference call were the three Rabbis, who serve as directors of veteran Batei Din across the American continent (which are also recognized by the Israeli Rabbinate).


After discussing the matter at length the three rabbis decided:

“1. In the upcoming weeks, after consulting with Rabonei Anash, we will (with G-d’s help) publish a clear set of guidelines regarding Birur Yahadus, Birur Yuchsin, Sidur Kidushin, Gittin, accepting Geirim, and other topics related to preserving the purity of Am Yisroel.


2. Any person who officiates a wedding must be well-versed in the Halachos of Birur Yahadus, Birur Yuchsin, Sidur Kidushin, etc., and should receive approval from a renowned Rabbi to officiate at weddings. Without this prerequisite, one shall not officiate at a wedding nor certify someone’s Jewish status, so he should not be causing the masses to stumble, ו”ח .


3. One may not rely blindly on Geirus certificates, even from Orthodox Rabbis, without first researching properly the integrity of the Rabbis who performed the conversion, about the integrity and sincerity of the converts, and about their acceptance of Mitzvos.”


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Jan Meisels Allen

Chairperson, IAJGS Public Records Access Monitoring Committee