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Yitschok Margareten

Osias (Shaya) Wasserman, his wife Sima and their family, from Tarnow Poland/Galicia. (in the years 1840-1920).

Apparently, there were a few Wassermans with the name Shaya, they were probably related, I'm trying to establish the connection, and if they are related to my grandfather Solomon Zalmen Wasserman.

My grandfather Solomon Zalmen Wasserman was born in Tarnow, and eventually emigrated to Slovakia, he died in 1922 at the age of 76, and his final resting place is in Trencin Slovakia. 

I know that his mother's name was Sima. Searching through the Tarnow records I found only one Sima Wasserman who was married to Osias/Shaya, and they indeed had a child Solomon Zalmen born in 1858, (Solomon also named one of his sons Shaya).

If anybody has information on this family, I would appreciate their help. 

Yitschok Margareten

Cynthia Hollinsworth

Yitschok I would suggest posting this on the Tarnow Jewish Facebook group:

Cynthia Hollinsworth

Howard Fink

There are birth records in Tarnów for 6 children of Schaje & Sime Wassermann:
1850: Moses Chiel
1856: Samuel
1858: Salamon Zalman
1861: Isaak
1862: [unnamed girl]
1864: Riwke
There are also death records for 2 of these children:
1862: [unnamed girl], 7 days old
1863: Samuel, 6 years old

Scanned images of all of these records are available.

Unfortunately, the birth records at that time do not include the names of the grandparents.

I did not find any civil marriage record for Schaje & Sime, so that source of Schaje's parents' names does not appear to exist.

Similar to your grandfather, it seems that the entire family moved away later because I did not find any of records of their deaths in later years.
There was another couple, Schaje & Nuche Wassermen, who had some children during similar years in Tarnów.

The only other trace of this family that I found in our database of Jewish records from Poland was the 1906 marriage of Rywka, born in 1864, daughter of Schaje & Sime, to Alter Fránkel, in the town of Jodlowa.

Please contact me privately at genKnowHow@... if you would like more details about these records.
Howard Fink
Tarnów Archives Coordinator
Jewish Records Indexing - Poland