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Diane Katz. SURNAMES/TOWNS: Laske/Ladyzhin;,Steinberg Kiev; Grunberg Rheinhorn/Iasi; Milston/Slutzk; Bicz/Mogilev; Glas/Varniai; Moskowitz/Nagy-Saros Klein/Eperjes; Hefliech/Hungary; Marks/Machester/Suwalki; Shedrofski/Suwalki

Where can I find sources for Jewish land use/rent/ownership in the late 19th century in the Ukraine?  
Trying to locate the name of my gggrandfather possibly J. Laske  and his wife/wives and children from Gobnik/Hubnyk near Ladyzhin.  Hitting lots of brick walls.  I know he was in the forestry industry and well off before being murdered in a pogrom in 1905 (possibly by his employees).  
Diane Katz


Maybe I can help a tiny bit. My family was one of the largest timber producers in the Austro-Hungarian empire during the late 1800s up through WW2, and included holdings in today's Ukraine  around the Skole area. They were the Groedel family. Much of my information comes from newspaper accounts and in one case a tourist guide and railroad enthusiast who had done research on the Transylvanian rail system around Comandau (Kommando) to move timber. The family had helped to build out the rail system, so there was lots of information about them. I've also found books that include their name that discussion the history of the lumber business in Transylvania and Ukraine. 

Feel free to contact me directly.
Jerry Zeisler
Atlanta, Georgia USA

Sue Brundage

My Great-Grandfather's family lived in Novgorodseversk, Chernigov and were supposed to be in the forest industry and estate management field. His name was David Joseph Ginsburg and his wife's was Frieda Esther Katz (whose family was from 'Mogilev').  Members of their family lived in other parts of Chernigov as well.
I too would love to know more about this. I think it is the pogrom(s) you mention that prompted their leaving the area. They subsequently went to Vienna, and then Liverpool..

Susan Ginsburg Brundage
searching for Ginsburg from Chernigov, Katz from Mogilev and Chernigov, Levine from Grodno and Vilna Gubernia,
Kvas from Vilna Gubernia, Malatsky and Mindlin from Dvinsk