Leipzig civil registry records #germany

Lewis, Megan

The United States Holocaust Memorial Museum has records from the Jewish Community of Leipzig, but they are not digitized.  The collection is RG-14.035 https://collections.ushmm.org/search/catalog/irn508845.

Megan Lewis, USHMM

Evelyn and Christopher Wilcock

Many towns in Germany kept personal files on inhabitants which give the date of birth.
These files are not official certificates and  in Frankfurt  am Main were held in the Town Archive where researchers like myself were able to read them.

This means you do not need an official certificate which is closed until after a date limit. I have Kaufmanns on my own tree so did a search.
I have not found a record for your Kaufmann on the on line 1939 German Jewish census which  (in theory) listed anyone Jewish or in a household that included anyone of Jewish descent

A presumably non Jewish  Joachim Kaufmann is listed in the address book for the Nazi period
Residence Date: 1940
Residence Street Address: H 22 KaiserFried richStr 521.
Residence Place: Leipzig, Deutschland (Germany)
Occupation: Werbeleit
Title: Adressbuch d. Reichsmessestadt Leipzig

Evelyn Wilcock

Judith Elam

Hi Heshel- I obtained my grandparents' 1924 Leipzig marriage certificate from the Staatsarchiv.  It's been many years since I obtained it, but I think all I provided them with was the names and dates of birth of my grandparents.  And it came with a huge packet of genealogical information, that was mind blowing.  Including the death certificate of my great-grandfather, which confirmed what I suspected all along. I have no idea why that was included, other than maybe they just kept everything they had under the same name, or maybe it was some kind of ID my grandmother had to provide.  


Usually any archive you apply to requires a date of birth, in order to search for the record. You do not indicate if you know the exact date of birth.  I did search for him on MappingtheLives.org, and there is a Hans Joachim Kaufmann living in Leipzig but born 11/11/1906 in Dortmund.  Is this him?  There is also a Joachim Kaufmann listed in the Leipzig address books for both 1935 and 1940, living at  Kaiser FriedrichStr. 521.  Is this him?

If he is Jewish, Frau Klaudia Krenn may have Holocaust era records on him at the Jewish Community.  

Judith Elam

Heshel Teitelbaum

Hi everyone:
Is anyone familiar with obtaining a birth record from the registry 
office or from the City Archives in Leipzig? :
b) The website for the Standesamt Leipzig states quite clearly that 
     there are a couple of stumbling blocks:  You can only access birth 
     records if they are more than 110 years old (which seems to be 
     my case; but I might be off by 10 years.   It also states that only 
     children or grandchildren can have access.  This is not my case: 
     The man in question, Joachim Kaufmann, who might or might 
     not be Jewish, was not my ancestor; but I need to find his birth 
     date for a humanitarian purpose. I do not need an actual birth 
     certificate - merely the date of birth. 
c) The registry office website states that if the birth record is more 
    than 110 years old, then the record is held in the City Archives. But 
    it does not state explicitly that you have to be a direct descendant 
    in that case to access the record.
My main questions are:
a) Did birth records from ca 1900 survive WWII?  If so ....  
b) Does anyone have experience dealing with the civil registry office 
    or the City Archives in Leipzig?
c) Are there any other sources to obtain the same information? i.e. 
    has anyone created / published an online index listing births in 
    Leipzig around 1900? 
Heshel Teitelbaum