Frenkel and Zygmond families of Lublin #poland

Rashi Rosenzweig

Shavua Tov Genners! I am at a brick wall with some branches in my
family. I did find a cousin on, an excellent genealogist
who is from that side of the family, and it did open up doors for me.
I managed to establish relationships with some of these cousins
(fourth cousins on my Mom's side -- WOW) and it has been great. Yet
there are branches close to these branches that are not bearing any
fruit. There are professional genealogists in Poland
( who told me that they can do some research, but
it cost roughly $300 and I really don't want to spend that kind of
money. Any suggestions people? Thanks!!

Rashi Rosenzweig
Ra'anana, ISRAEL

Janet Furba

300  is less than 400 as in the Russian archives.
Janet Furba,


I have Frankel fron Pruzhany which are tied in with my Faikes family from pruzhany and Brest. All I can say is that sometimes overseas research is costly and there is always a risk that they find nothing. My advice is to do your homework and make sure that whichever archives group you hire that they will be fruitful in their research for you.
Sarah Greenberg(USA)
sacredsisters1977@aol com


I would suggest contacting the NN Theatre Centre, in Lublin. They have been most helpful to me while seeking answers about family in Lublin. They also have researchers there you could hire. 
Leah Heilpern Snider
Silverdale, Washington/ USA