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Ben Forman

Hi JewishGen Community

I've found a Lodz Registration Card which appears to be for my GGF,
the individual has the same name and father's name, approximately the
same D.O.B, June 1876. and the same town of birth. However the
registration card index reference is 1916-1921 when, to my knowledge,
my GGF was living in Manchester, England with his wife and 6 children.
He appears on the 1901 and 1911 UK census as well as records
travelling to the US in January and December 1905. The individual in
the document is listed as a coal seller and single, whereas my GGF was
a tailor and married. I've previously researched my Kaluszyn family
extensively, and am not aware of anyone else with this name.

The link to the document is here:


Can anyone tell me more about this documentation, venture an opinion
on whether this is likely to be my ancestor, and how this record might
have come to be.


Ben Forman
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Bernard Flam

Hi from Paris,
Dear Ben,
This census had been initiated by German occupation administration of Lodz in 1916.
That's reason why these cards are printed in German and Polish.
After 1919 (Treaty of Versailles at WW1 end) and establishment of independent Poland, Polish administration used these census cards till 1921.
Then, administration switched to census in "Books of Residents" in 20's and early 30's.
These cards, these books and almost all vital records from 1820-1830 to 1939 are available in Lodz area , and also 800.000 pages of Lodz ghetto archives.
This means that you can recover almost all traces of your families in this area.
Most are now online in Polish State archives (without index), as you found it  https://www.szukajwarchiwach.gov.pl/en/wyszukiwarka
Due to continuous work of JewishGen and JRI-Poland staff and volunteers, a large part of these archives have been indexed and are now available online.

Concerning your ancestor, if he was in Manchester and you have proof of this, then he was there.
No doubt.
Concerning the man on the registration card, he could be :
. a real homonym from another family
. a cousin of your GGF (same name, same given name) but from an unknown branch with a common ancestor from which was given ... the given name
. a person who used the identity of your GGF after his emigration to UK as a fake identity, knowing that it was little risk because your GGF had definitely emigrated abroad.
Bernard Flam
Archives & History of Medem Center - Arbeter Ring of France (Bund / Worker Circle)

PS : I have Szmul Furman, born in 1912 in Warsaw,  in our deported members from Paris

Sherri Bobish


It looks like the Wolf FURMAN that you found from Kałuszyn was still in Lodz and died there in 1943.

Lodz Ghetto Hospital Death Records



Name Address
Born Died
<ahref="http: www.jewishgen.org="" databases="" holocaust="" 0093_lodz-hospital-causes-of-death.html"="">Cause</ahref="http:>
Comments Source
List Date
FURMAN, Wolf 5 Str. 26 
  Hospital Records 


Perhaps you can find this Wolf's mother's name to help you search the family further. If the father's of both Wolf FURMAN's did have the same name, cousins maybe?

Good luck in your search,

Sherri Bobish

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Miriam Bulwar David-Hay

Hi Ben, how have you been? I’ve had a similar situation in my own research, with a relative apparently in Paris and in Lodz simultaneously. It turned out that they were in fact two people, cousins with the same name.

Given that you know your ancestor was definitely in the U.K., it seems likely that the Wolf FURMAN in Lodz was probably a cousin. If you look at both the US Holocaust Museum and Yad Vashem websites, you’ll see that there was a Wolf FURMAN of the right age listed in the Lodz Ghetto, who died in the ghetto in 1943. In the USHMM website you can request copies of the original documents and get them instantly to your email address, which I suggest you do. The address registration documents will show you with whom he was living and other useful details. His death document will state the name of his wife and may state the names of his parents. In the Yad Vashem website you can see if anyone submitted a Page of Testimony to commemorate him, which may lead you to further connections. And if you should discover that he was in fact a cousin and that no one in his family remained alive to commemorate him, you would be doing a mitzvah by remembering him. Links below:



Good luck with your research and Chag Chanukah Sameach to all,

Miriam Bulwar David-Hay,
Raanana, Israel.

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