Cahen Family Lorraine 1500/ early1600s #france #general

Ben Forman

Hi FrenchSIG Researchers

According to a family story, my Cahen ancestors, Bernard and/or Isaac
arrived in Lechenich Germany around 1608/9 from Alsace-Lorraine. This
story is provided in several history books which mention my family in
the Rhineland.

Over many years, my previous research on this hasn't been able to
prove anything substantive, other than confirmation that the spelling
of Cahen is consistent with originating in Lorraine, rather than

I have just finished reading The Jews of France by Esther Benbassa, in
English translation; in this book there is a chapter on Metz and
Lorraine which makes reference to 4 Jewish families being given
permission to settle in Metz in 1567. It states that in 1595 there
were 20 Jewish families in Metz, and 85 households in 1637. There is
also reference to Jewish immigration to "ducal Lorraine" between
1633-1661, and that some Jewish families were authorized to settle in
Nancy in 1636 but expelled in 1643. If it is true that my ancestors
came from Lorraine to Lechenich in 1608, then they would have been
from a relatively small and authorized community.

I was wondering whether anyone knows if the family lists and letters
of authorization mentioned in this book have been transcribed, or are
otherwise available

In addition, there are 6 citations in the section dealing with this
historic period which all look interesting. There is one in
particular, "Le rabbinat de Metz pendant la period franchise
1567-1871" from Revue des etud=C3=A9s juives 7 by one Abraham Cahen,
which is particularly interesting to me due to the name of the author.
Do you know anything about this reference?

Many thanks as always

Ben Forman, London
Cahen: Lechenich, Bruhl, Koeln