How to find Jewish family in Kaliningrad/Konigsberg #russia #general

Paul Beek

Hi all, 

Where could I find best records on Jewish family in Kaliningrad/Konigsberg 18/19th century, try to find a family member named Leib Bendix Levin who mwa
smarried to a Zirel Aron, they had at least 1 daughter Ernestine Levin, born Kaliningrad 1824 and died Berlin 1914.  Ernestine was married to Emil Collin.
Already checked JewishGen(burial records), found Leib with similar name but no name of spouse so unsure it is right one.
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Paul Beek
the Netherlands

Ines Klein

Hi Paul,
there is a catalog-entry in familySearch, 11 micro-fiches. It is called Matrikel 1769-1880, author:
Jüdische Gemeinde Königsberg (Ostpreußen)

In 007990042 "Geburten, Heiraten, Tote 1811-1874" where you find the Kaliningrad-records in Findbuch 176 (picture 170 and following). It starts with birth-records left and marriages right in alphabetical order. The letter L starts pic 244. From picture 342 start the death-records, but backwards beginning with year 1872.

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Ines Klein

Rodney Eisfelder

It turns out that Leib Bendix Levin did not live in Königsberg in East Prussia (now Kaliningrad), but rather in Königsberg (Neumark) which is now called Chojna, and is in Western Poland.
This was established through at least two entries in "Die Judenbürgerbücher der Stadt Berlin 1809-1851" where a son and a daughter are mentioned. has one film from Königsberg (Neumark) and the death of Leib Bendix Levin is recorded there in 1845 at the age of 80.

Rodney Eisfelder
Melbourne, Australia

Seth Morgulas

thanks so much for this information.  I just happened to see the topic headline and clicked on it.  I too have been looking for my Cohn family in the wrong place for many years.  Only took me about 40 minutes going through those scans to find exactly who I was looking for.   It never made sense to me looking in what is now Kaliningrad but wasn’t familiar with the Koenigsberg that is now Chojna.  Thanks for the assist in breaking a very old brick wall!

Seth Morgulas
Scarsdale, NY, USA