Locating a Paris divorce record from 1889 #france #records

Michael Traynor

Good morning!

A relative was married in Odessa in 1885, then divorced in Paris, France, in 1889.  The divorce was recorded in the metrical books back in Odessa, with a note indicating that a messenger had brought the news from Paris.

Having marginal knowledge of French records and very little idea of how Jewish divorces worked across international lines in the 1880s, I could use a little help: would the divorce have been recorded in Paris records as well?  If so, how would I request or obtain that record?  I'm curious to see if it has any additional details that could prove helpful.

Many thanks for the guidance!

Michael Traynor

Bernard Flam

Hi from Paris,
In France, a divorce is recorded on wife's & husband's vital records registered in France.
  • on their birth vital records but in your case, they weren't born in France
  • on their mariage record in France, but they weren't married in France
  • perhaps on their death record if death was declared by a second wife, I am not sure.
Concerning the divorce note sent to France, it could have been sent to a lawyer (to prepare for a second mariage) or to prepare a naturalization file.
If it had been sent to any French administration, there is no way to find it (only by report to vital records as written above).

But some traces of this divorce could be found if these persons stayed in France for some part of their life :
  • another mariage
  • naturalization file
  • birth vital record of a child (the fact that the mother or the father was divorced should be noticed)
With identities of these persons and some data from you, we could do some check, you can send by private message.

Bernard Flam
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