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Hello dear genners
I would need a full translation of the birth certificate of my grandmother Chaya Bespaloff. To make a long story short  we need to prove the death of the sister of my grandmother in Treblinka in october 1942. He name is at Yad Vashem and on the transfer list from Theresienstadt but this is not a legal proof of death !!!
The proof has to be made in front of the tribunal of the nearest place where she lived which apparently would be Dormund. I have to prove that I have a right to act and that my grandmother was the sister of the deceased. My poor grandmother changed her first name 3 times (Chaya to Raissa and then Roussia) so the good document would be the birth certificate with the right first name. This is quite a horrible procedure so any help is really welcomed

The file is number #96069

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Catherine Jurovsky