Metric Records from Tarascha, Pyatigorsk, Kohodirv, Zhivotov, Stavyschan, Tetiyev, Kishovat #ukraine #records


Alex Krakovsky has scanned a document that contains birth, marriage, and death records from a number of towns in the Tarashcha district, from the years 1845-1853.
I was wondering if someone could make a simple table of contents for this document, saying which town records for which year begin on which page. That way, if someone wants to look for a surname in a particular town, they will know which pages contain records from that town specifically. 
Click here for a link to this specific metric book. 


Josh Skarf
Researching Shkarovsky (Pogrebishche, Bila Tserkva), Vekselman (Uman, Odessa), Spivak (Tetiev, Bila Tserkva), Barabak (Zhivotov, Pogrebishche), Gerber (Ladyzhinka, Uman)

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I'm replying to the group in case anybody else is interested. 

I found a listing of the towns & page #s on the JRoots Forum (go to then click on what my browser calls "show spoiler" under the name of that file. if you're not signed in to that site, you can't see it, but it's a free sign-up, so check it out.

I'm not sure if I am allowed to put the entire listing & page numbers here, so I'll just post this link for your research.

As an aside, for some reason the CDIAK archives have renumbered all their files. The record discussed here used to be fond 1162 opus 1 case 3a, & it now seems to be 1162-1-1 instead.

Juliana Berland (France)



Josh, almost all of those specific records you mentioned are already transcribed and already online for free searching at JewishGen. I know this because I paid for their acquisition and transcription and helped get them added to the site several years ago. :-)
If you check the Ukraine SIG vital records inventory spreadsheet, which is online here... can see that the Ukraine Births, Ukraine Marriages, and Ukraine Deaths databases (i.e. vital records) at JewishGen do include those same books you're asking about.
The only ones that appear to be missing from JewishGen are the Pyatigorsk and Tetiev books. I don't have those, so the Ukrainian wikipedia site is currently the only online source I know for them.
I also gave JewishGen the Khodorkov (now Khodorkiv) 1846 synagogue attendees book (which was labeled, possibly mis-labeled, as the Stavishche 1847 community book), which I think you're also asking about here. It's not listed in the official Ukraine SIG spreadsheet linked above, because it seems to have been loaded into the Ukraine Revision Lists database at JewishGen rather than the vital records databases. But in any case, that one is online, too.
Happy searching. :-)
- Brooke Schreier Ganz
Mill Valley, California


It seems that also the records for Zhivotov aren't online, except for the 1851 Marriage records. 

Thanks for arranging for the other records to get transcribed. 
Josh Skarf