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Sephardic World meeting, this Sunday.

The port of Livorno, in northwest Italy, was a major hub of the Western
Sephardic diaspora. One of the oldest Portuguese-Jewish communities, Livorno
served as a gateway between the Spanish & Portuguese Jews, other Sephardim,
and Mizrahi communities of the Mediterranean. Trade networks spread as far
as India in the east and the Caribbean in the west. Relying on the recent
project mapping the community's ketubot, Alain Nedjar will take us into the
heart of the Jewish community of Livorno. He will show us important and
recently discovered documents, discuss the origins and meanings of family
names, genealogies and family itineraries.

Alain Nedjar is a leading Jewish genealogist in France. With Gilles Boulu,
Liliane Nedjar and Raphaël Attias, he is co-author of 'Ketubbot registers of
the Jewish Nation of Livorno, 1626-1890' and 'La communauté juive portugaise
de Tunis dite livournaise ou Grana'. He has written articles for Genealo-J,
the French Jewish genealogy publication, and appeared on TV and radio in
France, the United Kingdom, Spain and Israel. A few copies of the
award-winning books on Livorno ketubot are still available from

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