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I have been searching for information about my Blumberg ancestors who went from Russia (now Poland) to Sweden (1873-1877) and eventually from Sweden to Philadelphia (1887). Jakob and Mina had 7 children, who, according to Swedish church records, were all born in Landskrona between 1877 and 1887.  I am curious as to why my ancestors would have settled in Landskrona and am looking for any information about the Jewish community there.  Thank you, Jacquelene Brinton.


Hi Jacquelene,

We have something in common, as my grandparents lived in Landskrona for 5-6 years, and two of my aunts were born there. My grandfather, who originated from Tiberias, started his Nordic “career” in Landskrona, where he served as a melamed for the towns’ Jewish children. My paternal grandparents with their daughters stayed in Landskrona during the years 1911-17. After that they moved to a larger Jewish congregation in northern Sweden.


As to the years you describe, I believe there was no formal Jewish community in Landskrona then. Very few Jewish families lived there in the 19th century. As the Swedish law stipulated an affiliation to an accredited religious community, they must have belonged to the Jewish community of Malmö, only 40 kms away. Incidentally, that law was cancelled in 1952. In any case, very little has been documented about the small community of Landskrona, which became more established after my grandparents had already left; in 1928 it inaugerated its own “official” synagogue.


A book has been written, which includes some partial information about Jewish life in Landskrona, but it is just a section in the book, a non-formal kind of family biography. Nice, but won’t give you a lot, unless you are related to any of the families in it. The book is “Tailors on Both Sides” by the late Anita Canter, and you can find it on the web.


The only reason I know the above is because, in addition to my genealogical interests, it will comprise a chapter in the biography (about my grandfather) that I work on.


Please tell me if you find anything substantial about Jews in Landskrona and good luck!


Seth Jacobson




There is quite a bit of info in Swedish on the local Jewish communities.
The wiki article   has a lot of material and links.

Sveriges Släktforskarförbund.  also has an English page where you can make contact with relevant groups.

I have not done a detailed search but it appears a lot of data has been collected on your subject.

good luck,  lycka till

Peter Weinstock