Kishinev Revision Lists 1910 #bessarabia


Hello everyone

I would like to know if the 1910 revision list for Kishinev is available for research and if yes,how can I access it
Thanks for any information
Marcia Rita Adler


Yes it is automatically included in a global search in

If you look up my prior posts you will find additional information about this particular revision list.

Bill Elkus
Los Angeles

Yefim Kogan

Dear Marcia,  Hello everybody interested in Bessarabia,  Shavua Tov,  and Happy Hanukkah!

In order to find out if a Revision List of a year was translated,  you can check the Introduction to Bessarabia Revision Lists:
and in side that list there is an inventory of all 243,000+ records we translated
Find following section and clicked for the whole inventory:

Current Database Contents

A complete inventory can be accessed by clicking here.

You will see a large table where every town has a different color...  
Please find Kishinev there and 1910.  There are two sets of records from it.  Also for one of them, there is an article describing what is in these records, with many details.

If you still cannot get to the table, please write again to the Discussion group.

All the best,
Yefim Kogan
Bessarabia Group  Leader and Coordinator

Janet Furba

Ask the  regional archive in Kishinev
Janet Furba ,

Yefim Kogan

No need,  we already translated the set.  Also it is not easy to get anything from that archive.

Yefim Kogan
Bessarabia Group Leader and Coordinator

Janet Furba

Hi ask the Kishinev State archive in Kishinev.
Janet Furba,