Photograph from Amsterdam's Diemen cemetery #photographs

Michael Danziger

I recently learned that my father's grandmother, Pessel Kupferman (nee Rathaus) is buried in Amsterdam's Diemen cemetery.

Anyone know the best way to get a photograph taken?

Thank you,
Michael Danziger


New Jersey, USA

Pieter Hoekstra

You will need the location to assist photographer. From Jewishgen Burial Register; RATHAUS, Pessel
KUPPERMAN. Died 21-Nov-1940. Number: 40749 (I think this number may be an identifier applied by Dutch Jewry site)

Cemetery: Diemen, Plot: C, Row: 25, Number: 12

Pieter Hoekstra 
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Michael Danziger

Thank you Pieter.

For everyone, I learned yesterday that this site has photographs of a great deal of the headstones in Holland in Jewish cemeteries.

And the location of my grandmother Pessel was found here, JewishGen Online Burial Registry. 

I also wish to thank N. Aronson for kindly sending me the photo of my great "Oma".

Michael Danziger
New Jersey