Photograph from Amsterdam's Diemen cemetery #photographs

Michael Danziger

Thank you Pieter.

For everyone, I learned yesterday that this site has photographs of a great deal of the headstones in Holland in Jewish cemeteries.

And the location of my grandmother Pessel was found here, JewishGen Online Burial Registry. 

I also wish to thank N. Aronson for kindly sending me the photo of my great "Oma".

Michael Danziger
New Jersey

Pieter Hoekstra

You will need the location to assist photographer. From Jewishgen Burial Register; RATHAUS, Pessel
KUPPERMAN. Died 21-Nov-1940. Number: 40749 (I think this number may be an identifier applied by Dutch Jewry site)

Cemetery: Diemen, Plot: C, Row: 25, Number: 12

Pieter Hoekstra 
Moss / Moses, De Costa - London and Brighton
Barnett, Da Costa, Lazarus, Joseph, Judah, Solomon - London

Michael Danziger

I recently learned that my father's grandmother, Pessel Kupferman (nee Rathaus) is buried in Amsterdam's Diemen cemetery.

Anyone know the best way to get a photograph taken?

Thank you,
Michael Danziger


New Jersey, USA