Need help with block related to my Vogel/Fogel ancestors #general

Ed Vogel

My paternal grandfather was known in the USA as Bennie Fogel, although in some censuses the family was listed as Vogel.  My grandmother was Dworje(Dora) Ferber.  My father’s name was Max Vogel.  His siblings were Harry Fogel, Henrietta(Yettie) Fogel and Isadore Vogel.  Bennie’s parents were Mordka(Mordechai) Shimshon Fogel and Sura(Sarah) Spaser.  Dworje’s parents were Zvi Elimelech(Harry) Ferber and Rebecca Feuermann.  Until a few years ago that’s all the information I had.  Then I was pointed to birth records in jewishgen for the children of Mordechai and Sura; David, Jakob and Mariem Scheine.  David appears to be my grandfather, as the birthdates match.  The records show the siblings as all being born in a village called Zabie.  I am blocked on this information.  I would appreciate any help anyone can provide.  Thanks in advance.  


Edward Vogel
Airmont, NY