Town of Zniesienie in Galacia. #galicia

Susan Miller

I am seeking information about the town of Zniesienie, Lwow district,Galicia.  I am researching an individual who was born there in 1887 and immigrated anywhere from 1900 to 1994.   I have failed to find information on Jewish Gen and have found meagre results on Google searches.

Thank you for any assistance!

Susan Miller

Dorman ~Rumsiskes & Ziezmariai, Lithuania / Obukhiv & Kiev, Ukrainę
Pekar ~Rozhiv & Kiev, Ukraine
Davidov ~Pusalotas, Pumpenai, Pasvalys, Panevezys, Pakruojis, Lithuania

Odeda Zlotnick

On Tue, Dec 7, 2021 at 08:58 PM, Susan Miller wrote:
It was basically a suburb of Lwow at its North Eeastern side.  Lwow was also know as Lemberg.  If you've only focused on Zniesienie, you may have better luck if you search for the individual in Lwow documents - sometimes Zniesienie, is in the address listing of Lwow BMD documents.

JewishGen Locality Page - Znesinnya, Ukraine

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