SZEJNIUK Family - Vilnius / Wilno #israel #holocaust #poland #photographs #translation


Good afternoon from the USA (Virginia),

This is my 1st time in the groups, and I am excited.  Jewish Genealogy has gotten better and better over time, and I have recently learned so much more about the SZEJNIUK (my father's side) of the family recently. This said I have attached a picture that had writing on the back I got after my father passed.  Unlike my father who passed in 1999 I am not multilingual.  So, if some knows how to translate then that would be excellent.  Here is the picture.  If anyone has pictures that are similar to anyone in this photo, then please share.  My father Noach (Noakh/Neuch) is the boy sitting lower left.  

Here is the writing that was on the back of the picture.  If anyone recognizes the language and can translate and return the translation in English, I would be appreciative.  Here is the back of the photo:

Also, here is the link to one of several related stories I have found about dad online.  He never shared much and that always saddened me.  But I am hoping that via this forum that others who have knowledge of the SZEJNIUK line will be able help me fill in the gaps.  

I want to thank whoever happens to respond to my post in advance for any support they can offer to my quest for a greater awareness of the SZEJNIUK family specifically my father's family (aka great and great-great grandparents) and the ROGINKIN family my grandmother's family (aka those great and great-great grandparents).  This IGCR came to me via a connection a short time ago, I think the language is French.  Dad spoke French but I do not.  This is another translation I really appreciate.

Finally, here is what I have so amassed and am looking for evidence I am on the right track in terms of the proper relationship alignment.  Some information I have is not clear and conflicts at the same time.  So, any documentation that established clear lines (aka birth certificates, etc.) that anyone may have from the SZEJNIUK or ROGINKIN lines would be most welcomed.   If you have written stories with pictures that would be outstanding to receive.  

Blessings always,

Nate Szejniuk