Researching my GGPs - Jacob Meyer Levine/ Leavitt - #russia #unitedkingdom #lithuania

john nevulis

     I am researching my maternal great great grandparents. In 1887 they emigrated to the US from England where my great grandfather was born in 1886. Before they arrived in the US the last name appears to have been Leavitt, possibly an English translation of their real name. It is possible that Lithuania was their origin. GGF was Jacob Meyer Levine b. 1868 (circa) and GGF was Leah Waterman Levine. My grandfather had a tenuous relationship with his father (Jacob's son Samuel Saul) and never spoke of his side of the family. Jacob's parents were Abraham and unknown Buni? Leah's father was Israel Tvi Waterman. I have exhausted Geni, familysearch, ancestry, and myheritage. Myheritage DNA has never found Levine relationships past my Grandfather and his siblings. 

     I am hoping to find some connections that lead me to their village and other possible family. 

John Nevulis
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