- Looking for great grandfather, Shimshon ZERSHTEIN from Grodno #belarus

Shirley Portnoy


I would appreciate any help in finding ancestral  information about my great-grandfather, Shimshon ZERSHTEIN. He married Sara RIFKIND and they lived in Grodno. She was the daughter of Rav Yeshayahu ha-sofer Rifkind (?-1915) and Leah, from Grodno.


The children of Shimshon and Sara were Feige-Tzirl ZERSHTEIN (died 1925), Hillel ZERSHTEIN, Tzvi ZERSHTEIN, Aryeh Leib ZERSHTEIN, and my grandmother, Zlata ZERSHTEIN HARKAVY(c. 1890-1959). Hillel, Tzvi, and Aryeh Leib unfortunately perished in the Holocaust.


Shimshon was a learned man and a wood carver by trade. He lost both his  legs to diabetes and ended up living in the Jewish home for the elderly in Grodno, not far from Zlata’s home at 26 Mostove St. He was still alive in 1930.


I have tried various spellings and formulations for the name ZERSHTEIN, but to no avail.

I would appreciate any help.


Thank you.

Shirley Amcis Portnoy

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